HuffPost on a roll

Online Media Daily had a short article about Huffington Post’s success:

Third-quarter revenue is double that of first quarter. A year ago, the HuffPo began launching new verticals, business and entertainment among them, and this September the site showed a 600% increase in unique visits over a year ago, according to Nielsen. Media, style, green and living verticals have also been added to the site. Mario Ruiz, vice president of media relations, says to expect a books section to be added in the first part of 2009.

More than seven million visitors in September, and over a million comments. Not bad. Half the traffic’s on something other than politics. Encouraging. Some of the blogs are journalism. Some aren’t. Some of the

bloggers are journalists. Some aren’t. The good thing is that each blog IDs the blogger with a short bio, so that bloggees can judge content based on bloggers.

News organizations: Take heed. The format for daily coverage is morphing from print’s 24-hour deadline-driven daily 12-inch story to a continuous drip-drip-drip (bubble-bubble-bubble?) of news and information. Every reporter should blog her/his beat. As Amy Webb says: a blog’s just a format; it doesn’t define the content. (And don’t make reporters rewrite their blogs into old-time 12-inch stories. Just strip the blog into the paper, for heaven’s sake.) News organizations’ strength is their reporters and the trust that the community puts in them. Bring them out from behind their bylines and shout out their qualifications.

One more thing. HuffPost chief revenue officer James Smith keeps talking about a “growing brand,” a “healthy brand.” Yeah, I suppose so. But each time the word “brand” pops up, journalism fades a bit. HuffPost calls itself “The Internet Newspaper.” Couldja say something about journalism somewhere, Arianna?


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