Case Study:

Here’s the third in a series of ReJurno’s case studies — Justin Carder launched his startup news site on a Neighborlogs CMS chslogo1about a year ago. Neighborlogs is a free platform (CMS and hosting) for people who want to start niche-based news sites. Carder does business development for Instivate, the company that owns Neighborlogs.

Carder’s in good company in Seattle, where several niche-based news sites have debuted over the last couple of years: Tracy Record and Patrick Sand’s WestSeattleBlog (the case study is here); the topic-based niche site TechFlash (case study coming soon); and Cory and Kate Bergman’s Next Door Media, which publishes My Ballard, PhinneyWood, MagnoliaVoice, FremontUniverse, and QueenAnneView.

Carder, who says that Tracy and Patrick are his mentors, takes a slightly different approach in CapitolHillSeattle. While Tracy’s goal is to cover as many West Seattle’s events and issues as possible, Carder focuses on providing a unique perspective to issues that might be covered by his competitors and on nurturing local storytellers.

CHS is, in a sense, also a proof-of-concept for Neighborlogs. Neighborlogs isn’t like, which sets a reporting framework and hires reporters. It’s a free one-stop-shopping blogging platform for people who want to do a startup that offers self-serve advertising, but who don’t want to mess much with software. I’ll be doing a case study on Neighborlogs….AFTER I finish the next case study on TechFlash.

As the wait-staff says in some of those trendy Seattle restaurants: Enjoy!

(What would Russell Brand say????)


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