Seattle Times is making SMART moves!!!!

Hey — did you catch this?

The Seattle Times partners with neighborhood news blogs

and from the horse’s mouth itself:

Seattle Times partners with neighborhood news sites

The partnership is part of a project made possible by a grant from J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism, which is in turn financed by the Knight Foundation.

and from WestSeattleBlog, with 25 comments:

WSB to collaborate with the Northwest’s biggest news organization

and from J-Lab, which announced the project that’s funded by the Knight Foundation:

Five News Organizations Join Networked Journalism Project

This is terrific. Remember that post I did a while ago?  A Modest Proposal for the Seattle Times?

I hope this is the first step of the transition of that organization, with its deep commitment to journalism and its expertise in Seattle issues. Perhaps they’ll eventually develop a structure similar to the metro news ecology matrix (again, pardon the execution of the graphic) I put together. For those of you who missed it the first time, here it is again.

minimetrominiThis could be a win-win approach for all folks committed to making sure that the Seattle community continues to be served by jurnos and journalism. Moving from a we-talk-you-listen approach to a solution-oriented collaborative conversation that’s embedded in a matrix of context and continuity is the only way to go. And, contrary to the poor reporting in the traditional media about the evolution of niche news organizations, the effort already is and can be supported by advertising, because businesses that provide products and services are an important part of the community, and their information is news and information, too.

For a list of niche news organizations that are ad-supported, check out the Jurnos wiki.


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