THIS popped the inertia bubble

THIS is:

The model works only if a bunch of salespeople pound the pavement, or if a company like AOL with a network of large advertisers offers them geo-targeted ads as part of a bigger package, said Greg Sterling, an analyst who blogs about these issues at Screenwerk. “I suspect The Washington Post maybe made assumptions about acquiring advertisers that didn’t turn out to be true,” he said.

Soooooo….this means that WestSeattleBlog,, Baristanet — all the asterisk-marked news organizations on the Jurnos wiki are what…..faking it? actually living off lottery winnings? being supported by a rich uncle?

The article in the NYTimes, from which I quoted (above)  — Washington Post Ends Hyperlocal News — has been sitting in a row of Firefox browser tabs for a week while I denialdecided whether to say something about it. I do my best to ignore bad reporting like this. I try to focus on creating new methods and structures to ensure that journalism’s vital role in our communities continues. But traditional media doesn’t seem to do much else except bad reporting about this subject. I’ll just put the transition to conversation-based and niche news in with the categories of coverage of the runup and first two years of the Iraq War, the U.S. financial crisis, and crime reporting.

There are some issues and developments that whole cultures (cultures within news organizations, cultures within governments, etc.) deny, even though they occur right in front of their eyes. Nassim Nicholas Taleb described the phenomenon in The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable, Ori Brafman and Ron Brafman did the same in Sway: The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior.

The crack that formed between traditional we-talk-you-listen mass media and conversational niche media over the last couple of years has grown to a chasm. What much of traditional media doesn’t grok yet is that great swaths of niche media are going their own way, while traditional media marches on into irrelevancy. Sad, very sad. [Cross-posted in RJICollaboratory]

Oh, yeah: Sorry for the long absence. The new job’s been taking up all my time.


2 Responses

  1. but i am making living and do not have to cover celebrity stunts, stories the management deems “safe”, or constantly worry some corporate drone will downsize my job.

  2. jane- i am double fan of yours and your writing so i cross posted this comment! (also on RJIcollaboratory)

    i agree 100%…my hyperlocal is not making me as ‘rich'(relative term) as being an investigative reporter on TV did…but i am making living and do not have to cover celebrity stunts, stories the management deems “safe”, or constantly worry some corporate drone will downsize my job.


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