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The Kansas City Star reports today that 24-year-old Nick Sloan bought the online version of the Kansas City Kansan from Gatehouse Media. Gatehouse closed the Kansas City Kansan print edition in January.

Sloan, 24, said he became the sole owner of on Saturday after negotiating an unspecified payment based on royalties.

“Right now it’s just me,’ he said. ‘I have a few things lining up, but as of right now it’s me and I’m looking to cover everything I can in Wyandotte County. I’m excited about it. I’m originally from Wyandotte County, so I have some idea of what readers will like.”

So far, he’s doing great.
He’s taking a beat-blog approach, and has been posting since Sept. 16. Today, he did 11 posts. Count ’em. 11. According to the Star’s report, he’s kept a couple of advertisers who had been putting display ads on the site, and he’s got a couple more.
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Michael Moore: Newspapers slit their own throat

Well, yes, Mr. Moore, they did. But it was a little more complex than the reasons you gave. mmoore

Newspapers lost their way when they became public corporations, beholden to shareholders and not their communities;

Newspapers lost their way when they hired publishers and upper management who didn’t come from news organizations, but from cereal companies;

Newspapers lost their way when they thought the Internet was a fad and/or a separate income-stream;

Newspapers lost their way when they thought they didn’t have to modernize and kept calling themselves newspapers.

The information and news from businesses in a geographic or topic-based community is just as valuable to the community as the news provided by journalists.

Hundreds of ad-supported niche news organizations have emerged during this transition. They’re employing thousands of modern journalists. We’re trying to lasso them into one place on the Jurnos wiki.

They’ve developed a business model. It’s working.

But, as Judy Sims recently pointed out in her SimsBlog, the lies that newspaper executives are telling themselves will prevent most of MSM from making the transition. But not my shop.