Another local news network

………with great ambition is growing in the counties north of New York City. is, according to an email sent by an account director at TrylonSMR:

“Main Street Connect is a national community news company started by CEO/editor/publisher Carll Tucker, the former editor and publisher of Trader Publications, a community news company which formerly produced The Patent Trader. Main Street specializes in hyperlocal news sites, but rather than the approach of companies like (launch sites, hire local reporters, spend millions), Main Street is set up for local entrepreneurs to become affiliates of the company. With an initial investment (and after qualifying), Main Street helps affiliates set up their sites and work with them to launch profitable, hyperlocal news outlets that can attract local advertisers. Rather than use a “one size fits all” model, these sites grow organically from people who actually live there.”

As of today, 7/3/10, MainStreetConnect has 10 sites:,,,,,,,,,

For more information, see publisher Carll Tucker’s post last month on the genesis and plans for MainStreetConnect. He began with an idea just 13 months ago. He’s starting in Westchester, Duchess and Putnam counties, north of NYC. According to Tucker’s post, “We expect to have dozens more sites around the country by year end, and thousands, yes, thousands, in two years.”

Tucker describes a staff of more than 40 staff members — mostly ex-newspaper people — and there’s some posting across the sites — e.g., the opinion section of each is nearly the same.

Rather than hiring local staff, as AOL’s Patch does, MainStreetConnect looks for partners. This is how they describe it:

Main Street Connect provides local partners all the tools, working capital, and guidance they require to build profitable high-quality community news sites. Main Street Connect Partners have the opportunity to strengthen their communities while earning a good living and building value. Please submit the NDA below to learn more about joining the MSC Network or click here to contact us with questions. We want to hear from you.


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