Another niche network launches

Former BusinessWeek and Fast Company editor John Byrne launched Poets & Quants, the first of about a dozen sites. The company calls it “the go-to place for serious applicants to the best MBA programs in the world.” Here’s an article about it in Webnewser, itself part of the WebMediaBrands network, which publishes Talk about a niche!

According to the article, the next site C-Change plans to launch is “Slingshots for David”, which the company says will “provide the tools, advice and inspiration to help entrepreneurs develop disruptive business models to slay the Goliaths in business.” C-Change Media‘s site is John Byrne’s blog.

Interesting side-note: if you Google PoetsandQuants, everything BUT the site comes up. First on the list is its Facebook site. Byrne vociferously complained about that last week.