Case Studies

Mark Poepsel, a University of Missouri School of Journalism PhD candidate, and I have been sussing out financially successful Webcentric news organizations. We’ve identified an array of organizations, and have interviewed several of their principles to find out how they became successful, how they maintain their success, and how they intend to grow, or at least stay stable in these uncertain economic times.

We’ve developed several case studies that can serve as models, or at least provide ideas, for journalists who want to start their own organizations.

We’ll be adding them over the next few weeks. We’ll put an index here, and publish them in separate pages under this section of the blog. (April 2009) (March 2009)

West Seattle Blog (January 2009)


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  1. […] Like, will all these skills really be worth learning? In other words, will Stevens’ webcentric model actually work, as in be profitable enough to yield a salary better than what I started with in 2004? And, if it does work and I find myself in a pod, will I ever again get a day off – ever? (Stevens does address some of these questions in three in-depth case studies.) […]

  2. […] Case studies by Jane Stevens * “The Innovator’s Solution: Creating and Sustaining Successful Growth,” by […]

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