Not fast, not radical enough

I don’t wanna say it’s hopeless, but these folks just aren’t moving fast enough. In this SPECIAL REPORT: Facing Cuts, Editors ‘Relax the Rules’ to Make Swift Changes in Editor & Publisher, the “swift changes” are paper umbrellas in a hurricane.


meanwhile over in TV land….

…things are becoming positively minority-reportish with addressable TV advertising.  Here’s a good overview by Eric Sass at Media Daily News. Why’s it important for reJurnos to know about this? What do you think pays for our soy milk lattes and mojo backpacks?

Jumping to Web: PCH makes it look easy

Take a gander at Publishers Clearing House. They’re jumping into those rushing Webwaters with both feet, with PCHvideo of surprising their prizewinners.

PCHtv is the latest addition to Publishers Clearing House’s growing network of online properties, which include, a search engine that rewards users with gift cards, movie tickets and other prizes, and, a casual games site where players compete for tokens. Viewers will find behind-the-scenes clips, past commercials and previously unseen winner reactions.

Next, they plan on letting people upload their own videos of how they’d react if they won. Really. Wait…didn’t they start out more or less as newspapers did, as print being delivered by a person that dogs like to chase?


If you haven’t tried out a tumblelog, it’s fab. If blogging is what you do while you’re doing something else, tumblelogging is what you do while you’re blogging. And Tumblr is to blogging as telepathy is to talking. I tumbloged a road trip across 2/3 of the U.S. this month. MediaBistro’s Sammy Davis did a nice story about the East Coast roots of Tumblr, and the man behind it. So What Do You Do, David Karp, Founder of Tumblr?

Old v. new at Dem convention

Today’s pic: John Koblin, New York Observer Tropic Blunder: Convention Pits Texting vs. Press

The headline doesn’t do the story justice. The second-biggest story in Denver is new media v. old. And it’s a doozy.

New ChiTrib look?

Mo' bettah?

Mo' bettah?

Soooo much better. Hope they stick with it. The scoop from E&P: ‘Chicago Tribune’ Redesign Prototype Boasts ‘Trib’ Nickname — Here’s a Glimpse.

Which was subsequently quashed in Crain’s ChicagoBusiness.

Too bad. Methinks the secret to a news organization’s print product is big photos, graphics, judicious use of text blocks, very Webby visuals with news content.

Something that busy people feel they can spend 10 minutes with and get a lot out of.

Easy to scan. Easy to dive into. Easy to find more info via a Web refer. Oh, yeah — and relevant to their world.