Journalists w/o Journalism?

Oh so sad. An upcoming free half-day seminar – Journalists without Newsrooms — on Sept. 24 at the National Press Club could be titled “Journalists without Journalism.” Less than half of the panelists offer advice on how to continue doing journalism. The rest include tips on how to switch to the film business, public relations, newsletters, association work and, yo ho!, private investigations.

Paper Cuts keeps tabs on vanishing jobs

Paper Cuts keeps tabs on vanishing jobs

Holy moly. If that’s all we can come up with, journalism’s sunk. Where are the workshops and seminars that offer an entrepreneurial roadmap for the 10,764+ jurnos who’ve lost their jobs so far this year? Can’t anyone just look at the proliferation of niche news/info networks popping up in the Medium That’s Taking Over the World to see that plenty of opportunity exists for journalists…and journalism?

This year, I’m fortunate to be doing a fellowship at U. Missouri’s new  Reynolds Journalism Institute to help figure out how to ease the transition for jurnos by developing free or very-low-cost community-centric news/info templates. But that’s just one tiny part of what needs to be done. More on that soon.